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Understanding How to Become a Pilot



One of the most exciting careers someone can pursue is becoming a pilot. Both men and women who find the idea of flying a plane exciting and if they have a high degree of courage, confidence, and competence, should seek out pilot school so they can make flying planes their profession. This career path is not for everyone. Someone who wants to be a pilot needs to react quickly and calmly to emergency situations that may arise while piloting a plane. If this idea does not scare a person away, they should go after this profession. Here are a few steps to follow to become a pilot.

Understand the Necessary Training

To become a successful pilot, there is an extensive training period and a number of tests to pass before becoming a professional pilot.

A pilot has to be able to know and conquer potential breakdowns in the machinery of the plane at any moment. They also need to have the ability to navigate through storms that pop up out of nowhere. They are in charge of the lives on the plane, so they need to be highly skilled and incredibly trustworthy. This is why proper training and schooling are vital.

Length of Pilot School

The next step for a person pursuing to become a pilot would be to research the different schools and understand how long they will receive their education.

When looking into different schools, one may want to look into the amount of time it takes to finish their pilot education. This all depends on if they are seeking out their bachelor's degree. It is recommended since a four-year degree is necessary if they want to work at any major airline. Still, it is not mandatory if a person is looking to become a commercial or regional airline pilot. Depending on which one they want to pursue will determine how long they will be in school.

Cost of Pilot School

The first steps are to understand what is expected and how long they will be in school. The next is figuring out the cost of pilot school.

The price of pilot school entirely depends on the school one is applying to. Since most airlines will require a four-year degree, a person may need to take out student loans or possibly apply for scholarships if they cannot pay out of pocket.

Suppose the price of pilot school is intimidating. In that case, it is a good thing to remember that if they are successful and become a professional pilot, they will make that money back to pay off any loans they may have to take out. Since most professional pilots make around six-figure salaries.

Applying to Pilot School

Once that is all settled, the next stop is applying to pilot school.

It is said that applying to pilot school is quite similar to applying to any other college. One tip a potential student should follow is to reach out and talk with someone actively working as a professional pilot to understand more about the job. It is also helpful for understanding what they are looking for in an application.

There is a common misconception regarding what these schools are looking for. They focus on those who pursue subjects in the STEM programs, science, math, engineering, and technology. This is a myth. Someone who has been more humanitarian-focused during their academics has just as many qualifications as a person in the STEM programs. In fact, those who have a passion for working with machines and technology tend to thrive in aviation. The main quality needed to be a pilot is to have the determination needed to excel.

Job Prospects after Pilot Schools

Lastly, before becoming a pilot, it is a good idea to know what job prospects are and what they could make as a pilot. Of course, salaries are entirely based on what airline they work out, but most pilots will make a six-figure salary, and nowadays, many pilots are needed. Hence, prospects look suitable for those pursuing this career.


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