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Seven Reasons Why You Should Have a Backyard Pool



Have you ever considered the possibility of having your own backyard pool? Other than simply being fun, having a pool has myriad benefits and may be closer to becoming a reality than you think. Let's take a deeper dive and look at these seven reasons why you could (and should) add a pool to your backyard.


1. Beat the Heat


Having a pool can help you turn your humble backyard into an outdoor oasis fit for a beach resort. A cool pool to splash in can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in the sweltering heat of the summer months and maximize the utility of your property. Who wouldn't love to chill poolside instead of being stuck inside?


2. Save Money with Staycations


Staycations have become more popular in recent years. Without a refreshing outdoor space, though, staying home is a lot less fun and requires a lot more creativity. If you're concerned about the size of your budget, consider financing a pool. An investment in your own pool can pay long-term dividends when you consider the cost of summer trips to the water park or long-distance adventures to a tourist destination. Why not create a way of living that doesn't leave you feeling like you need a vacation? A pool can help you accomplish this.


3. More Time with Family


Picture a relaxing afternoon of sun, fun and games together with the whole family in your backyard pool. It might sound too good to be true, but this idyllic scene is not far from reach. Adding a pool to your yard can also encourage your children to spend more time at home by offering them an additional space where they can be active, study or relax. If you create an inviting space, you might even encourage out-of-town family members to come for a visit.


4. Connect with Neighbors and Friends


In addition to creating a space for your family, your backyard may become a beacon for fun with friends and neighbors. After installing a pool, your home will instantly become a cool hotspot for hosting pool parties and get-togethers. You may even save money on booking venues when you party poolside.


5. Maintain Mental Health


A backyard has so much potential to become a peaceful escape from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life. Spending time in nature can reap dramatic benefits for mental health and, in the heat, it's important to have a cool place to enjoy the outdoors. By building a pool oasis, you can put the stressors of life on the back burner and just exist.


6. Improve Physical Health


Being physically active is hard enough, but can become unbearable when done in the heat. More than just a place to relax, a backyard pool can be a place to exercise while staying cool. Water resistance can help you build muscle strength with minimum impact on your joints. Swimming, walking or water aerobics are all great options to help you improve your physical health in a safe, cool and fun way.


7. Increase Your Home's Value


While you may never want to leave your sweet oasis, you should still consider the influence a pool can have on your home's value. Most people love pools, so having one may make your home more attractive to potential buyers, should you choose to put it on the market. Your home could be worth up to 10% more with a pool than without. Combined with all the other benefits listed above, installing a pool may be an easy decision for your family.


Incorporating a pool into your backyard living space is more than just a luxury reserved for the rich. It's an accessible, enriching investment that can pay for itself over time. Life is too short to have a boring backyard. If these seven benefits make a pool sound like an awesome addition to your family home, start planning today! Your family, friends and health will thank you.


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