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The Best Equipment To Make Your Airport Flier Friendly



Everyone who travels will have different needs. That said, you can do a few things to equip your airport for success. No matter how prepared your customers are, they still will need you to provide them with some things. These things can make check-in, security, and other parts of the flight process easier. That means happy clients who will keep coming back. So here are some things you should provide for the people flying out of your airport.


Shoe Boxes

When your passengers go through security, they will have to take off their shoes. In reality, you don't know what funky foot fungus they could have in their footwear. While it is the TSA's job to deal with this stuff, they shouldn't have to. Instead, you should provide shoe boxes where passengers can place their sneakers, sandals, or other shoes. That will make it convenient for passengers and TSA personnel. Of course, you can always ask a transportation consulting company about the best way to implement this option.


Phone Charging Stations

These days, everyone needs a phone. They are practically essential for traveling via plane. They contain all the information you need to know about your flight. They act as boarding passes. They also give passengers access to things like taxis and entertainment, allowing them to check in to their hotels when they arrive. You'll want to ensure there are plenty of phone charging stations around your airport so people can charge their phones.


Water Filling Stations

The reality is that passengers need an option for filling their water bottles. Instead of encouraging them to use plastic, disposable bottles that are bad for the environment, try going green and offering filling stations throughout your airport. Of course, passengers will have to bring or buy a reusable bottle. However, it would help if you were mindful of security. Place the filling stations after the TSA checkpoints. That also helps keep passengers hydrated on the planes, so they waste less plastic cups.


Member Lounges

Many airports have started offering member-only lounges. These allow members to check in on an app and enjoy quiet time while waiting for their flights. Some passengers choose their airport based on whether or not there is a lounge.

You should stock your lounge with complimentary beverages and snacks and include something unique, such as showers, a pool, or games. That will allow them to relax and make flying an enjoyable experience, increasing customer satisfaction. It would help if you also considered including a recycling station in your lounge to make your airport greener and the task easier for your clients.


Streamlined Security

A lot of times, going through TSA can be an adventure. Many people have begun fitting their belongings into a carry-on so they don't have to check a bag. However, that can result in problems with passengers stuffing all of their belongings through the security scanner. When your security checkpoints are not streamlined, the result can be a big hold-up. Instead, try to ensure that your TSA staff is equipped with everything they need to get people through their checkpoints as quickly as possible.



Passengers usually buy something when they are in an airport. While they typically have many bags with storage space, sometimes they buy too much. The result is that they can't fit their new items in their bags. You don't want to discourage them from buying items at your stores, but you also want to remedy this problem to make the flying experience more flier-friendly.

One potential remedy is to offer bags that passengers can put their goodies into for the flight. You can make them the size of a check-on suitcase so that passengers don't run into issues on the planes. That will make the flying experience more hassle-free for your clients.

You can stock your airport with various equipment that will make everything easier on your staff and passengers. That will ensure they keep returning when they need to fly and improve your satisfaction ratings.


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