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Review: Orbx Leeds Bradford Airport For MSFS

Review: Orbx Leeds Bradford Airport For Microsoft Flight Simulator

By MrYorkiesWorld



Hello there guys, my name isMrYorkiesWorld, and once again I'm back with yet another sceneryreview. This time around we're taking a look at the new Orbx LeedsBradford Airport package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airportitself carries the ICAO code of EGNM. It's a fantastic piece ofscenery that runs really well inside the simulator, so I'm excited totell everyone about it.

As always, I'd like to thank my good friend Dominic Smith, and theteam over at FlightSim.Com for providing me with a copy of thisscenery from Orbx. it truly is remarkable.

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-06.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-07.jpg


The performance at Leeds Bradford is pretty impressive as I wasable to get frame rates of between 45 and 60 FPS depending on whataircraft I was using, along with what weather and also time of day. Inoticed the usual stuttering from the simulator when panning around orusing SimConnect-reliant programs such as LittleNavMap, but overall, Iwas happy to get a pretty good flying experience from thisairport.

When reviewing scenery, I like to do a few circuits at lowaltitudes in the Cessna or similar light aircraft so as to see thingsup close. It's all fine and dandy flying over at 3,000+ feet, but Ithink the real beauty comes from seeing things up close and personalat around 1,000 to 1,500 feet in the air, possibly less onoccasions.

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-04.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-14.jpg

Night Lighting

I haven't been able to see any negatives with any scenery in FlightSimulator 2020 at night as the sim just looks simplyincredible. However, I did take the time to see what Leeds Bradfordlooked like at night, and yet again I was very impressed with howthings looked in regards to dynamic lighting around the airport, aswell as the lighting of the runway, apron and taxiways. The terminalbuildings looked pretty nice as well.

Night lighting is difficult to do, because all it needs is onebadly lit object to let the whole scenery down. However, in the caseof Leeds Bradford, the overall effect was really nice. Orbx have donea fantastic job in my opinion with the textures also looking crispeven in low light.

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-02.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-03.jpg

I love how things look in the evening or early morning as well -there's nothing quite like the lovely view of an early morning or lateevening shot taken at this airport. Everything just looksstunning!

One thing I didn't like though were the "floating" lights we seemto have in the simulator at present. This doesn't seem to be isolatedto Leeds Bradford, and so it's not Orbx' fault, but I wonder if theremight have been some way for Orbx to get around this?

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-16.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-17.jpg

Graphics, Textures And Models

When it comes to the modelling and texturing of Leeds Bradford,it's safe to say that it looks absolutely stunning. When using the"drone camera" I was able to see some really nice-looking textures andeffects.

One of the things I didn't like though was how some of thetextures, despite most of them being really good, seemed a littleblurry. I could tell when closing in on the terminal buildings and thesignage and advertisements that the texture quality seemed a littlelow. I also noticed some cars from the car park seemed to beincorrectly placed making them look as if they had crashed through thebillboards which is a bit unrealistic.

Some of the warning and hazard signs featured around the airportwere also a little blurry when viewed close up, but for the sake ofactually flying into and out of the airport, it's really not thatimportant at all.

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-10.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-11.jpg

Orbx have done a good job at recreating the runway at LeedsBradford, as the textures look really crisp. Not only that, but thePAPI lights seem to work well and are accurate.

However, I do think some of the areas such as near the entrance tothe airport need a bit of work, as they are very blurry and of poorquality. It literally goes from being a really good set of visuals onthe terminal buildings, to what looks like grass and blurry roadtextures just outside the front doors, so perhaps these issues can beaddressed in future updates?

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-12.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-13.jpg


So having seen Leeds Bradford Airport on Bing and Google Maps, andalso from various other sources online, it's clear that Orbx have donea really good job at mimicking (within limitations), that of its reallife counterpart. Yes, there are differences in building textures andmodels, but when viewed in its entirety, these come across as minorand overall, I'm satisfied with how that things look.

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-05.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-15.jpg

Price Point And Marketplace

Leeds Bradford Airport is available in both the Orbx Central app,as well as inside the Microsoft Flight Simulator store for around£13.67 GBP, and in my opinion, at this price, it's definitelyworth purchasing.

Orbx seem to have lowered a lot of their prices on products as oflate, which seems to tie in with many peoples' expectations thatprices would plummet (at least temporarily) once the new simulator wasreleased. That said though, even though their prices have lowered,their quality seems (for the most part), to have stayed the same, andin the case of Leeds Bradford Airport, I think the price is spoton.

/images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-08.jpg   /images/reviews/msfsleed/t/orbx-leeds-bradford-09.jpg

Final Verdict

Overall, when it comes to visuals, Orbx have really impressed mewith this piece of scenery. Leeds Bradford is one of the airports inthe simulator that I'll probably be visiting quite often once the PMDGand Aerosoft aircraft are released, and even for now with my short VFRflights in lighter aircraft, I seem to be visiting the airport quite abit.



Purchase Orbx - Leeds Bradford Airport for MSFS


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