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Thread: Honeycomb Bravo - one part number, 2 different styles?

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    Default Honeycomb Bravo - one part number, 2 different styles?

    Hi, I'm new to Flight Sims, and I'm considering buying the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo yoke and throttle combo.

    However, I find one part number (4039621003042) but one throttle unit with red, blue and black levers, and scale markings below each lever. Or others, with same part number, are cream levers, but no markings below each lever.

    Are there two different Honeycomb Bravos, with one part number?

    I'd really appreciate some guidance.



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    I'm very new here and new to the flight sim world, but I have also been looking at the same hardware. From the reviews that I have watched on YouTube, it appears that the Bravo Throttle Quadrant comes with different levers so that it can bet set up for different configurations. What that said, I still see a few differences in your photos.

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    You get a total of 12 lever arms, molded to look like a)Boeing throttles (4); b) GA piston or turboprop throttles (2 each Throttle mixture and prop) and a flap handle and a speed brake lever. The other "differences" in the two photos above are the stripe on the trim wheel being visible in one of the pictures and not in the other.

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