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Thread: Saitek proflight yoke and xbox x

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    Default Saitek proflight yoke and xbox x

    Has anyone setup a saitek yoke to run on xbox MSFS2020?

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    Someone asked the same question about a Logitech yoke on Amazon & got this reply...

    “I'm afraid that this will NOT work on the XBOX for MSFS 2020. It has nothing to do with the connectivity (USB), but the console version has no support for this yoke or throttle quadrant. You can't customise it the way you can on the PC because you cannot install the software on the console”

    Logitech & Saitek are the same so I’m guessing the answer to your question is “no” - sorry

    I understand Honeycomb are to release a yoke for the Xbox though (& their yokes are excellent - just more expensive and probably unavailable for some time)

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    Thanks for your update.
    I'm hoping someone will find a work around at some point.

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