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Thread: I Am So Fed Up! (Big New Update -- Ha!)

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    Angry I Am So Fed Up! (Big New Update -- Ha!)

    I have had recurrent and inexplicable CTDs since the last big update. But the sim was at least generally playable, with patience. And I was s-o-o-o- hopeful about the new update.

    What on earth have they done now??!! Can they never leave the well enough alone? I just did the anticipated mandatory update (after moving ALL add-ons out of Community). First flight (from Fairbanks) froze the computer just after takeoff. Not a CTD. Frozen solid. Had to end task.

    Reopened. Went to NY (KTEB). Took off. Freedom Tower was at first absent in the distance, but was starting to appear, when -- CTD!

    I'll concede that I had not been able to open at Fairbanks at all for a few weeks, so now I could. Great. But New York (with photogrammetry and Bing data engaged) had never been a problem.

    We'll try again tomorrow.

    But, at least on first impression, WHAT A TOTAL BUMMER!

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    I know this sounds like it MIGHT be a pain - but sometimes I wonder, if Update on top of update can corrupt an install. Have you considered uninstalling and then redownloading the entire sim again? I have done that from time to time and it seems like it irons everything out when I do.

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    I didn’t even bother updating - first thing I did (today as I was working yesterday) was to uninstall MSFS
    - am currently installing it and it’s almost done now, after about 2.1/2 - 3 hours.

    With it being such a big one, I figured it would be better to do it this way, rather than just updating it,

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    I'd been thinking of that. I'll try it if I have another malfunction after rebooting.


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