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Thread: Fsglobal upgrade for fs98

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    Default Fsglobal upgrade for fs98

    Hi all:
    I wanted to ask you. Do anyone of you have tried it?
    I found an opportunity, but it's very expensive.
    However, my main concern is it could be incompatible with airports sceneries which have their own mesh/terrain. (Normally, that terrain is quite bad, but I would be afraid to have worse outcomes, and I don't want to lose the airports either.

    So do you know if it blends well with other sceneries?

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    I have it, but have only tested it with FS5.1. FS Global Upgrade creates its own FS "world", with its own "world.vis" file. So you can change between FS default and FS Global on the fly. The scenery in general is very nice and detailed, based on real data. Lots of new airports and cities, detailed coastlines, landscape, etc. It promises a lot. It does have some bugs though, and I was very disappointed with the following:

    -FS Global Upgrade uses synthetic mountains, which are not textured in FS5, but they are automatically textured in FS98.
    -There are no buildings, bridges or other objects, only roads and rivers, etc. You can copy over city BGLs from default FS5 / FS98 to FS Global Upgrades "world", and get buildings. Problem is roads and such are doubled with FS Global Upgrade ones. Also buildings and textures are hit and miss. They gambled that the product would take off, and that developers would make a lot of new "FS Global compatible" sceneries. This did not happen. So I would say it does not blend well.
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