I just recently downloaded the Cessna C-172d Skyhawk from simviation.
In the description it said was compatable with P3dV4,V5. I am running V5.1.
After completing the install,I find there are NO gauges on the 2d panel.
However....when I install it to my V4.5...it shows the gauges.
I compared the 'gauges' files for both versions....and they each have the exact numbers and type files in both !

It's beyond my meager efforts to get it straightened out.
I've even contacted the developer A.F.Scrub and he sent me files which I already had in my v5 gauge folder.

I'm at wits end trying to get one of my fav. "low-an-slow" planes to work...
Any suggestions will be kindly accepted.
Skip d