1. When I try to reopen a saved flight, a get a CTD! at least half the time. But not always. Today I opened a saved flight in a 320 from Caracas (SVMI) to Guayaquil (SEGU). Everything was cool, the AP was on ALT and actually heading in the direction of SEGU. BUT the panel showed that I had departed Gibraltar (LXGB) and was destined for Gran Canaria (GCLP) -- which was 3,338 miles away and receding rapidly!

But guess what. Two days before, I had indeed flown between those two airports in a different plane (a Beechcraft Baron) and had NOT saved the flight. So -- why does a saved flight open with completely different parameters from those with which it was saved, and how does it come to adopt parameters from a prior unsaved flight (with the sim and computer shut down in between)? (Not the first time this has happened, I might add.)

2. Unable to find out where I was from my lost flight, I looked at nearby airports. I looked in the panel, and also in the ATC "Nearest airports" list. Ten of eleven searches of ICAO codes said there were no such airports! Only one, La Gariota, Colombia (SKGA) was searchable, and another, Orocue, has a real ICAO code (SKOE) but one that differs from the one shown in the ATC panel in MSFS (SXRB). How can the in-flight display be so totally at odds with actual ICAO codes found online?

(Don't lose any sleep over this.)