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Thread: Program crash problem?

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    Default Program crash problem?

    I have had MSFS 2020 about three weeks and have 43+ hours in Cessna 152s / 172s and most recently 208Bs. I have a month old Acer Predator Triton 500 with a large HP monitor. ( I do high horse power graphics and video editing). The lap top sits off the surface for ventilation. I am flying off line.

    Now that I have got the 208B's pitch props and navigation system figured out I am making long flights.

    Every time I have tried to fly the 208B more than 1.25 hours the program crashes back to windows. Sometimes MSFS just freezes but typically the screen goes blank and you just end up back in windows.

    Is there a solution for this?

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    Hi, sorry to hear you’re having problems. What would happen if you left your plane sat on the tarmac for a while? Would the sim still crash after 1.25 hours? Might be worth a few tests. Maybe reduce your graphics settings etc, and see if it still crashes. Do you have an anti virus program which could be updating or doing a scan?

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    Thanks... Tonight I flew the Beechcraft Baron G58 for almost 2 hours. No problems. The problem might have been in the Cessna 208B's code. The 208B program crashed several times, as in every time I flew more than an hour.

    As a side note the Beechcraft is a great plane. I have got the adjustable pitch prop and the navigation stuff figured out. The 208B was just a beast, no manners. Some of it was my fault ... like the instance I put the throttle in reverse at 180knts.!

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