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Thread: Installing MSFS 2020 from Microsoft Store

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    Question Installing MSFS 2020 from Microsoft Store

    Hi all. Question for you. I have a brand new WIN 10 Aurora R12 computer.
    I was able to purchase MSFS 2020 from the Microsoft Store. It's in my Library, but I cannot get the "store" to "recognize my device.

    Has anybody else had issues with Microsoft Store recognizing your DESKTOP PC and what did you do to fix it?
    Yes the updates are current.
    Yes the Troubleshooter was run and is fine. No errors.
    Yes the Store Cache was reset, which fixed part of the problem.

    Any tips / suggestions? Greatly appreciated.


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    Are you signed in on your Microsoft account?


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    Hi, make sure you’re logged in and you want to download the “standard” edition of Flight Simulator.
    Doesn’t matter which version you’ve bought, you always download the standard and then update it via the content manager from within the sim.

    You also need to download “DIGITAL OWNERSHIP”

    Next.. launch the sim and it will ask you where you would like to install it.
    I personally install it on my second drive, but it’s up to you (there’s a browse location option)

    Two or three hours later... once the main part is installed, run it and go into the content manager.
    You can now select all the addition downloads and will update it to the deluxe or premium deluxe should you have bought them.

    Hope this helps

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