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Thread: FS2004 Panel Guru's

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    I understand your "I am puzzled by your experience". I truly do. In fact, I kind of feel like an idiot regarding the time I've spent trying to get this to work on a 20+ year platform. But I'm telling you I've have literally tried everything.

    So after reading your latest post today, with your very nicely done examples, I tried again. Reason being is because I realized, and appreciated, the time you dedicated to that response. Trying it on your system. And then responding with examples of your success. That meant a lot to me. And yes, it took a good amount of time from whatever you were doing. Thank you.

    So I deleted everything related to the Gahud29. I then re-downloaded it and installed verbatim (again) as Bob Kellogg suggested. I then edited the Panel.Cfg to reflect the last two examples you posted in your latest comment. Still. NOT A DAMN THING CHANGED! Then....... for whatever reason, I decided to move the hud Window entry in my panel file from [Window09] to [Window06] like you have. And, like Bob Kellogg had in his Readme file. Wonders wonders. Now I could move the gauge laterally. Finally. You truly cannot make this stuff up. But it happened as God is my witness. I was finally able to move the damn gauge around like you illustrated. WOW. Almost makes me wonder if I have a virus or something. Whatever............

    So now that I have the ability to move the gauge, I am encountering yet another issue. I have successfully moved the gauge very closely into the position I need it to be. But I cannot get it exactly. If I move the gauge a few mm to the right, where I need it to be, then the furthest right part of the gauge does not display. Its cut off. So I opened the panel file in FSpanel Studio and saw where the gauge part that was cut off in FS9 was extending past the "black" area of [Window06] the hud. So I moved it back into the black area. Saved. Reloaded in FS9. Gauge was fully visible again but left of where I needed it. So went another hour of chnaging the size of the gauge, the black area, etc. etc. without success. So here is an image of my latest headache. Still want to help me?

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    I really don't think I can offer any more help here. It works fine on my system, but something is obviously not working on yours. I have no experience with multi-monitor setups, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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    Again forgive my ignorance in this but I have had things like this happen, are in 'Windowed Mode' of 'Full Screen' ?


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