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Thread: align time cold dark start Zibo 737

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    Default align time cold dark start Zibo 737

    How to set alignment time at 1 minute instead of 7 minutes in latest download of Zibo 737 during cold and dark start up? The new tablet has avitab symbol instead of settings and realism options. I cannot locate this option. The older version of Zibo 737 couple years ago you could set a short time align for 1 minute with a couple of clicks on tablet. Is this still possible on newer craft if so what is method of this procedure. Older version tablet you could click on settings, realism, and short time it would align in 1 minute instead of 7, new install has avitab label in place of settings how to use this unit and get to short time setting.

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    Go to the Zibo Electronic Flight Bag, located by the Captain's left window. You must set the align time from LONG to SHORT.

    1. Go to page 2 of the main menu
    2. Select configure and customize
    3. Select Realism
    4. Set Align time to short
    5. Now save the new settings
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