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Thread: AI Flight Plan Caused a Crash

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    Default AI Flight Plan Caused a Crash

    Not an aircraft crash but the sim.

    I downloaded an AIA Boeing 727-100, then I copied an AI flight plan and I changed the aircraft for the 727-100 in the plan.
    It showed up at the right airport at the right time, started to taxi for about 5-600 yards then the sim crashed, saying there was an error and would restart.
    So I'm thinking it was the aircraft I just installed, I had a look in the file and all seemed OK, I changed the air file just to see if it was that, but again the crash, tried renaming it but no the crash again.
    So I took it out and got no crash, but it bugged me because I've had AIA aircraft and never had a problem, so this time I wondered if I tried it on a single flight from A-B, I deleted the AI plan I copied and edited and this time it flew OK and no crash.

    So somewhere in that AI flight plan must have been an error to cause the crash, not had that before when I've edited flight plans, but all that took me a few wasted hours, or maybe not as it was a lesson learned.


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    Default FS9 quirks

    Try making scenery and you will find that FS9 has a load of dirty tricks ready.

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    It was happening to me when I had too many AI boats close to Juno AK. Someplace I read that it has to do with a texture not compliant with FS9? Deleted the AI boats and all OK. Even the Glacier Bay scenery improved.

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    Maybe you could show us the involved leg of your flightplan. So ir would be possible to insert it in our systems and check what happens there. Just as an idea, of course.


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    Well I can't show my flight plan because I deleted it, but funny enough I did a simple one to try out another aircraft and got the crash again just just as the AC turned to taxi off stand.

    I think what caused it was as the aircraft landed the turn around time was very close, I amended the plan and made it longer and no crash, so this got me wondering if the first instance of the crash was because of something similar.
    I don't normally set the turn around time close I like to make them more realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColR1948 View Post
    I think what caused it was as the aircraft landed the turn around time was very close]...
    This is probably what the problem is. Though, I'd like to see this new plan to make sure it's properly formatted.

    I seem to remember this happening to me years ago. Since I hand create my flight plans and use some regex search and replace and other tricks in Notepad++, sometimes just one little mistake will cause the whole thing to crash and burn like a misplaced character in a PHP script file.

    This AI flight plan was made for FS9 and not FSX? Or perhaps the accidental mixture of the two formats in the plan?

    By the way - If your Shadow Copy service is active and you have a recent shadow copy, that deleted flight plan might be able to be retrieved with the program ShadowCopyView. Keyword to use here in Pee Wee's Playhouse fashion is might. I've had some intermittent luck with the program, but that might be my OS configuration.

    At the top, pick a snapshot date. At the bottom you might have to manually enter into the path of where that deleted flight plan existed from the jump.

    An alternative to ShadowCopyView is ShadowExplorer, though I have yet to try it for myself. YMMV.

    Edit - I see Nirsoft has another program called PreviousFilesRecovery
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    Default AI causing crash to desktop

    Yes, I've spent many an hour searching through AI aircraft and flight plans to solve FS9 carashing! The clue is that the crash happens in the same place and at the same time. But the aircraft/flight can be anywhere within probabaly 40 miles. As you have done, the first thing to check is recently installed aircraft and/or flight plans. If that doesn't find it then its a long haul through your flight plans!
    Try removing half of them. If the fault continues then you know which half the fault is in. Half this again and repeat until the fault is found. Not a quick process!

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