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Thread: What the Heck Time Is It?

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    Default What the Heck Time Is It?

    Tried to research a bit, but "time" is not too good on narrowing down what I'm looking for.

    At what actual clock rate is X-Plane running? Comparing the time on a clock in an X-Plane aircraft - well, it obviously isn't apples and oranges or even bananas?

    And if you use the "alt-T" function to speed things along, the time gets out of kilter almost immedately.
    Yesterday I made an "enhanced" flight (i.e., sped up the sim numerous times) and a roughly two hour flight
    took about 45 minutes.

    Comparisons of the time fall apart very quickly as well when using one of the timers in the GTN 750. Time creeps
    by more slowly than the clock does at an NCAA basketball game in the last couple of minute!

    Basically, I would like to have some kind of "factor" I can apply to get as close to the real time as possible.
    If possible!

    Art Burke - N4PJ
    Leesburg, FL

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    Default What the Heck Time Is It?

    Well, I haven't received any responses, but I've started talking to myself, so I guess we're
    making some kind of progress. LOL

    I tend to start my Pilatus with the engines running - when I need to program my GTN 750.
    Of course, I could wander through the switches, turn on some external power, etc., but I guess
    the truth is I'm just too lazy!

    A couple of days ago I was sitting there sort of doing nothing, killing time accidentally between
    phases of loading my flight plan. Up the right hand corner a message popped up and I finally
    paid more attention to it - as I've seen it before!

    My PC is nothing special and neither is the graphics card. Consequently, if I try to run very
    much detail, the frame rates suffer. And, after reading the message a little more carefully
    and looking at my graphic status, discovered that my performance is hindered a lot more than
    just poor frame rates.

    The X-Plane system, apparently instead of just killing the frame rates decides that there isn't enough
    graphic support for "rendering" the simulator. So it apparently just sort of slows down the entire
    process. That explains why (a) the clocks don't appear to be keeping pace and (b) the 9 knots I'm showing
    at touchdown seem like slow-motion - it is!

    Had a long chat with one of the gurus at my mom & pop computer shop. Can't yet get a grip on knowing
    I'll have to spend $2,100 - $2,500 for a really decent system.

    Art Burke - N4PJ
    Leesburg, FL

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