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Thread: Does the original info from FSX Wiki still exist somewhere?

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    Question Does the original info from FSX Wiki still exist somewhere?

    Newbie member. Coming back to FS after years away, I started with the Sub-Logic version on Apple ][.
    My last full version was FS 2000 Pro. Recently got that and a number of others (including FSX) working on Windows 10.

    I have a Logitech G Flight Yoke and Quadrant, and hope to add HOTAS Stick at some point. I will also add the new FS 2020.

    My question is, does the original wiki and support documentation for FSX still reside online somewhere?

    In searching the Forum, here, there are a number of links to the FSX Wiki, and other docs, that are now Broken, as MS has taken down their sites for FS support.

    Having been away from FS for a long time, I'm suffering from wanting to do things I learned long ago, and figuring out how to make them work with the newer sims, and particularly newer hardware...

    Note: I also have FS 2000 and FSX working on the a MacBook Pro 15" in addition to my Lenovo T570. On the Mac, the big challenge seems to be mapping the keyboard to the original PC designations...

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    If you still have the old URLs, paste them in the Wayback Machine and see if they have an archive of the websites. Sometimes this doesn't work because of the way the web developer set up the website blocking the Wayback Machine. It may or may not be intentional.
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