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Thread: FS98 in Windows 7, Can't add any new Aircraft to my stock Aircraft

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    Default FS98 in Windows 7, Can't add any new Aircraft to my stock Aircraft

    Hi all:
    I just bought a secondhand Windows 7 PC quite specifically to be able to run FS98.
    Computer is a Intel Celeron D336 2800 Mhz 3.2 GRAM, and Graphic card is an Intel 82915 GV/910GL DDR 2 of128 MB. (Not that I think it's related, but in any case).

    The thing is everything installs perfectly but I'm not able to add any aircraft. Some which I install, don't show at all in the Aircraft menu, while others I just see them in the menu, but anyway, when I select them, FS98 just freezes and I have to force the program to shut down.
    I recall I ran FS98 several years ago in another W7 system without those problems. What I have observed, (and didn't remember), is that my stock Aircraft textures are all *.R8, while the aircraft I want to add are all *.af.

    Can any of you tell me what this problem is about?

    Thanks a lot.

    EDIT: I just saw also, in FLTSIM98.cfg, there's a chapter called AIRtoCONTAINER, where there are numbered SIM1 to SIM6, the 6 stock aircraft, and nothing else. So it might be related. But, how could I solve this?

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    Found in another site fs98converter and automatically all aircraft were available.

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