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Thread: Newb w/T16000M

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    Hi Forum,

    I'm brand new to MS Flight Sim and recently purchased the ThrustMaster T16000M HOTAS w/foot controls. I'm taking my first flights tonight and when I took control the pitch immediately shot straight down with the stick at dead center. I have to hold the stick nearly 90% back in order to maintain level altitude and can't figure out how to calibrate it. I ran the calibration tool from the control panel and in the game and everything appears to be normal. I'm not finding any similar posts so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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    Lesson 3...Learn to use the trim. Check

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    You didn't include a lot of information. Which MicroSoft Flight Simulator were you using? Which aircraft were you using?
    Are you flying a desktop PC?
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