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Thread: Goodway keeps crashing

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    Default Goodway keeps crashing

    I bought Goodway online.
    (a very handy route planner and via a menu you can also enter the radio frequencies, very handy).
    But ... when I register Goodway, (email + license code), it goes wrong.
    Xplane 11 crashes.
    Does anyone have experience with this?

    is there actually still support from the builders of Goodway?
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    There are two sites. One is just a download with no information except how to pay. Go the the full site which was just below when I googled and click on Contact Us in the right hand top corner. The FAQs will come up in French. Don't miss the box at the top that lets you switch to English. I didn't read all the FAQs. You can e-mail above if you don't find an answer. Lots of luck. Report back. Curious to know how you resolve this.
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    I dont get reaction.
    For the 2e time I send a mail.
    It seems, they dont exist anymore

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