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Thread: *Brand New* Precision Flight Controls - Boeing Yoke + Cirrus Rudder Pedals

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    Default *Brand New* Precision Flight Controls - Boeing Yoke + Cirrus Rudder Pedals

    Hello all, I had purchased a Boeing yoke and cirrus pedals from PFC about 4 months back. The boxes have been opened, but never got the chance to actually use them. I am looking to sell both for:

    PFC Yoke : $1250 (new $1895)
    Rudder Pedals : $400 (new $645)
    Multi Engine 6 lever Throttle Quadrant : $175 (new $345)

    They are brand new and has never been used. The items are in San Mateo, CA. And happy to ship them domestically in the US. Please reach out, if you have any questions.

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    Hi - interested in the 6 lever quadrant. I presume this is just the screw in lever portion? I have an older style quadrant with a 3 lever attachment, looking for 6 lever. Best regards,

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    Default Interested in yoke and pedals


    Very interested in the yoke and pedals. Could you provide some photos.


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