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    Hi I have no idea about pc specs etc.
    I just want to run FSX and have avg. settings and be able to say fly a a321 for example. Im not after high settings and lots of add ons etc.

    Will any of these be suitable?

    Core I3, 8gb RAM, 240gb SSD, 2GB GT710 Nvidia GEFORCE, Windows 10?


    Intel core I5 2400 2nd gen processor, procesor speed @3.00 Ghz, 8gb DDR3 RAM, 120GB sata 3.5" SSD, on board graphics, windows 10


    Dell desktop core i5, 2gb GT710, 240GB SSD, memory 8gb


    Intel core I5 2nd gen, 128 SSD, 8gb DDR3, 2GB nvidia gt730, 300w PSU, windows 10 64 bit

    Many thanks


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    All of those are really meant to run word processors and spreadsheets rather than flight simulators. You really need a GPU that is a GTX rather than GT version. A GTX650 might be a possible option .
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    I already answered your question in your other post using your other account name.
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