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Thread: X-Plane 11 older freeware compatabily

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    Default X-Plane 11 older freeware compatabily

    Hi all,

    First post in the forum, just getting back into flight sims. I used FSX for years, looking to upgrade and heard great things about X-Plane 11.

    Question will freeware aircraft and scenery designed for X-Plane's 9 & 10 work in X-Plane 11

    Apologies if this is common knowledge or has been asked before

    Kind Regards


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    The answer is that some do, and some don't very well. I think I'd forget about XP9. I still fly some XP10 planes in XP11.51, and they mostly work OK. A lot of Carenado's planes still seem OK, even though they have released some XP11 versions. Sometimes, the odd texture make not be quite right, or (not often) a switch doesn't work. The flight characteristics will have been tuned for XP10, but you can adjust sensitivities in 11 and it's quite acceptable. Quite a lot of freeware airports will work OK, and meshes too. However, if it's free or donation-ware, you may as well update! Any ortho will obviously still work.

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