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Thread: Nemeth S76 Stuttering

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    Default Nemeth S76 Stuttering

    Hi all,

    Had the ND S76 for a while now but have only just noticed this problem occurring. At the start of a flight, in rain, and near the end of the flight, I get frame rate stuttering whilst using the aircraft. I have turned down all settings but still get the same result. This only happens in the ND S76. I have a pretty high end system now so it can't be that (to an extent) and especially as I don't have this problem with any other aircraft. How would one reduce the frame rate load? Could I remove some things? I'm not running it with the G500H or anything, just the standard ND P3D download, so hard to imagine where the demand for frames is coming from.

    Reply with ideas, please!


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    For starters, we will need to know your system specifications, and what P3D version you are running.


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    All good now thanks, have settled with other aircraft. Tried removing the GPS but had no affect. I'd say it's the model itself as it is quite detailed. A shame as they did a good job but just too many errors with it for me. We can mark this as closed now.

    Thanks again

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