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Thread: Camera / View Issues

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    Exclamation Camera / View Issues

    Simple problem.

    Since the latest 'update', ie USA I have found that I cannot move position in the cockpit within of any of the planes. I can get various camera views and use the mouse to a pan and zoom, but the arrow function key enabled the position to be altered R or L of the pilot position. More importantly, it enabled the view over the instrument panel to be raised so you had a better outside, straight ahead ( this is separate to the IFR view which you can acces via the space bar ). Any solutions, as its Pi**ing me off...Thanks

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    The update deleted some key assignments. You just go into settings and reassign them. It's in camera/cockpit. Something like move cockpit view left/right. Move cockpit view up/down.

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    Fantastic, great help. Thank you so much


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