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    This latest patch - - has had a weird and very annoying effect. On setting up a flight, I found that all my settings for my yoke, pedals and a few custom keystrokes had been wiped. Up to now, they have been (presumably) saved since I first set them up, and were immediately active each time I started FS. They took a long time to set up initially, trying this and that to get the best results.

    This latest patch has wiped those. I had to do them all again, from memory. They were all saved, clearly, as the flying went fine. When I came to start FS again today, they've gone again! And looking at my Pilot's Profile, it seems to think that today's flying is my very first.

    Is this something to with X-Box? When I start up, now (ie since the new patch) I get a pop-up window from X-Box saying they can't connect to my data 'on the cloud', even though the internet connection is fine and it knows I'm logged in.

    Anybody else had this issue? It's going to be a real turn-off if I have to spend an hour setting up the controls every time I start FS!

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    Doc... did you name them something else? and not just over-wrote the default? because that happened to me, but you should always rename your default settings to something else and SAVE them. I had backups of the Keyboard Profile, the Mouse Profile and the Yoke profile. after the update, I simply loaded the saved profiles and voila, I was back to where was when last used.

    Apparently, the update did not remove my saved profiles.
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    That's something else that is odd since the patch. Previously I had renamed the profiles and saved them - if you didn't save them as you created them, you wouldn't be able to use the profiles. But now I find that the renamed ones would not save. After making some changes to settings under a new name, I click the Save button. The new settings work OK when tested, but when you go back to the Controls page to make some more changes, those new profiles do not appear, only the default. You can no longer retrieve the earlier changes. There's something amiss, that's for sure. It all worked a treat before this latest patch.

    I wonder where you found the backed-up profiles, to be able to re-load them?

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