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Thread: Scud run to Yellowstone

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    Default Scud run to Yellowstone

    Saturday morning around 12 Sim pilots left Cody WY, heading for Jackson Hole through Yellowstone National Park.
    What fun. All of us with Comms through After assembling we all took off filling the sky with banners and NAV lights…C172 to Baron58 etc.

    The weather started out OK but, as we got closer to Old Faithful area the clouds closed in.
    Spending time Scud running the river cause we could not see the mountains is a little nerve wracking.
    But, everyone made it safely to Jackson Hole.

    GREAT FUN TO FLY TOGETHER. Come join us. Next week we may start the Columbia river.


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    A very fun and enjoyable flight hosted by! A big shout-out to Griphos for leading and "narrating" the excursion! If you need an hour or so of flying with great comms (and laughs) please join us at on Saturdays.........

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