Hey all,

First post on the forum, but a good one I hope! I'm just starting up a realism-based jetBlue VA. A little bit about JBVA is posted below, as well as a bit about myself. In addition to recruiting general members, I'm looking for people with a bit of aviation experience for staff positions with us. Our SOP can be found here if anyone wants to read about the overall VA operations, or staff position descriptions, duties, etc.

Like I said, I'm just getting everything started up, but the vision is certainly there. And for those that are curious, we use fsACARS built into our own platform, blueCARS, to track flights.

A bit about JBVA:
jetBlue Virtual Airways is a very realistic community, and we do our best to be as accurate to the real world as possible! As such, we are one of the more 'strict' virtual airlines out there. That being said, we do realize that fun is the very heart of virtual aviation, and we strive to provide an environment where members keep wanting to fly with us.

Similar to our real world counterpart, we operate a fleet of Airbus A320/A321's as well as Embraer E175/195. In addition, our VA operates the Embraer E135/145 for shorter flight legs. Unlike most other virtual airlines, JBVA will offer in-house training programs in order to enhance both realism and knowledge in the cockpit. For some promotions, we require that additional training be completed. In addition to providing a fun environment, it is also our goal to be one of the most reaslistic VA's around.

A bit about myself:
My name's Ethan, I'm currently a private pilot pursuing my ATP through jetBlue's cadet program. I've been playing flight sim since FS2004, and have over 2000 hours using various sim platforms. I've been in two previous virtual airlines, Southwest VA and more recently JetBlue, however the JetBlue community was more like a flying club, and lacked the structure that I enjoy in a virtual airline, so I decided to put together my own. I'm still getting everything put together, though I've completed (for release) our blueCARS system, website, and SOP. The rest will come with time.

If you're interested in a staff position, you can add me on discord (Ethan Martin#8575) and we'll have a chat. Otherwise, you can visit our website to learn more!

Ethan Martin
jetBlue Virtual Airways