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Thread: Searching Lancaster Aircraft by Roger Lowery for CFS1 Dambuster Raid

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    Unhappy Searching Lancaster Aircraft by Roger Lowery for CFS1 Dambuster Raid

    Hello Members,
    I'm searching for the RAF662 B1 Lancaster (RAF) VN-E, by Roger Lowery, Aircraft File name:
    A long time ago it was available from the RAF662 CFS1 web page:
    As you can imagine, the homepage no longer exists .

    Does anybody have installed the "Dambuster Tribute R2"-Mission from Ross McLennan ? Therefore the aircraft is needed.
    I would be very glad, if someone could help.


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    Hello Messerschmidt59,
    I could be wrong but I believe is a typo made by Ross McLennan in the Readme .txt file.
    The file you require is CFS1-RAF662_AvroLancaster-V2.5.ZIP by Roger Lowery and should be still available if you hunt around. If you still can't find it let me know and I will be glad to help.



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    Messerschmidt59, I have the CFS1-RAF662_AvroLancaster-V2.5 file you are mentioning. Check your PM's.


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    Hello Firepower,
    I am also looking for the CFS1-RAF662_AvroLancaster-V2.5 file to complete the installation of the Dam Buster Raid mission.
    Could you also send it to me?

    Best regard.

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    It's still downloadable using Wayback Machine.

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