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Thread: New TFS 5.0 Alpha testing battle - Halfaya Raid!

  1. Default New TFS 5.0 Alpha testing battle - Halfaya Raid!

    Latest Alpha testing release features new and constantly improving special effects and features, including dust, explosions and improved AI.

    The explosions look great, and we are very happy with the look and progression of the dust effects.

    All designed to further increase realism to the simulation.

    All components showcased are still a WIP, and will be further improved on release. They are all coming along extremely well.

    Ground assets with have desert paint schemes on release.

    Hope you also enjoy the post production 'Newreel' effects at the start and end of the video.

    IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz is a realistic WW2 flight simulation based on the Battle of Britain. The forthcoming expansion will introduce the North African front and will take in the period December 1940 to June 1942.


    TFS Team

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    Looks very promising! I appreciate your updates.

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