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    Default Dos Command Window

    When attempting to install FSX Deluxe I got the error message ablscpt.dll. A search of the many posts regarding this issue I found a post by TOPGUN which I attempted to follow. As per his suggestion I found & downloaded the file "MicrosoftKB928080" & installed same to my
    C: drive. As directed I then opened the Dos command window "C:\users\my name" & attempted to change the directory by typing "resetsldl /a" which it would not accept. Not being comfortable working with DOS commands I would appreciate input as to where I went wrong.
    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't know exactly what the resetsdll command is for, but the command to change the directory is CD \XXXXX where XXX is the directory you want to change to. Like if you want to be in the directory (now called folders) C:\Program Files , all you do is CD \Program Files . Usually you would have to go CD \C: and then to CD \Program files . That will put you to the root directory first, C:\ , and then the second will put you into C:\Program files . I always switch to the root directory first, so that wherever I want to go is accessable from where I am, if you see what I mean.

    THEN type in the reset command. You want to be in the folder where the dll you want to reset is. That's why I used Program Files as an example. I don't know where the dll you want is, but they usually end up there or Program Files(X86).

    So, once you have the the DOS window open, the command sequence I would use is
    cd \ 
    cd \Program Files, 
    resetsldl /a
    Obviously, if you put the ablscpt.dll in the root directory, you can skip the second CD \ command, so the sequence would be
    CD \
    resetsldl /a
    Are you sure the reset command is spelled right? It shouldn't be resetsdll /a ?
    Just checking...

    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks Pat. I will give your suggestion a try


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    Maybe this will help you.

    • Double click the MSKB928080.exe (Or, right click on MSKB928080 and choose 'Run as Admin')
    • When you’re prompted to accept the license agreement, click Yes
    • Extract the files to C:\MicrosoftKB928080 and click Run (or OK)
    • Click Start (On your desktop screen)
    • Type CMD and press Enter
    • At the command prompt type cd C:\ and press Enter
    • Type cd MicrosoftKB928080 and press Enter (ie: extraction created folder 'MicrosoftB928080')
    • Type resetsldl –All and press Enter

    You may have to do this in Safe Mode and temporarily disable your Anti Virus.
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    kb928080 used to be available as download from microsoft.
    (you may still be able to find that, or have an old copy)

    These days you can download from This contains kb928080 as well. Unzip and look inside the unzipped folder.
    (download here:
    (Wherever you found kb928080,)
    Run kb928080 by double-clicking.
    A prompt will show.
    Leave the location information as it is and simply Click UNZIP.

    Doing so installs Some files in a specific location.
    The location is C:\microsoftkb928080
    and the file is: resetsldl.exe

    How to run resetsldl.exe:

    Click Windows "Start" button.
    type: cmd
    you will see: cmd.exe appear in the list.
    Right-click cmd.exe and click "Run As ADMINISTRATOR"

    Then at the ADministrator command prompt, type the following commands in the Command
    Window: (Press Enter after each command.)

    (then Press Enter.)
    cd MicrosoftKB928080
    (then Press Enter.)
    resetsldl -All
    (then Press Enter again.)

    You are prompted for the license reset.
    It should say 'SUCCESS' when done.

    after that, reboot.

    Now you can install FSX.


    (((cd is the good old command "change directory"

    means: change directory all the way up to the root of the drive. (cmd.exe will open in the windows drive, so the command puts you in the root of the windows drive. (In most pc's that is the C drive.))

    cd MicrosoftKB928080
    means: change directory to:

    When in that folder/directory the command
    resetslsdl -All
    means: execute file resetsldl.exe, with flag "-All" set. To remove ALL registry entry's for the program FSX.)))

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    Oh, btw, simply run it in normal mode. (safe mode not needed.)
    And keep anti virus on. Switching that off is never a good idea.

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    Thanks to all who responded to my plight. It will take some time to digest all the info provided & hopefully select one suggestion that will resolve the issue.


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