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Thread: FSUIPC setting

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    Default FSUIPC setting

    Using autopilot in FSX, I can change heading or altitude only by 10 or 100.
    I know that there is a specific set for FSUIPC to avoid this, but I do not remember this set. Can someone help me? Many thanks giorda35

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    That is often caused by a "runaway gauge". You can spot a runaway gauge issue by opening the cargo door. By pressing <shift + E> and then quickly pressing <3> (or <4>).
    If that won't open the cargo door there is a gauge sending a signal (a command) constantly.
    Gauge therefore interrupts the "open door 3" command because fsx instead recieves:
    <shift + e> -- command from gauge -- and only then <3>. (and the 3 is no longer linked to shift+e).

    Another reason for the 10/100 problem you saw can be that the pc is low on resources. Try setting settings lower. (Low resources won't cause a door issue.)

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    Many thanks for your suggestions giorda35

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