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Thread: Carenado Paint requests

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    Default Carenado Paint requests

    Retired man looking for some Carenado repaints for planes that struggle with frame-rate for me.

    Carenado DO-228-100
    Carenado D18S

    I like to fly in the Orbx South America areas (Argentina-Brazil) for their excellent frame rate on my older system. I prefer registrations appropriate to the areas, but unconcerned whether the livery or registration is real world or hypothetical.

    One thing I've found (although I'm no expert) is that the more recent HD releases also have huge textures inside of a common folder, not sure if that is dragging down performance, or not. Seems like it would, so maybe those textures can be reduced?

    Lower resolution liveries or textures always appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I'll change my request to any country and livery, at a lower resolution, and maybe graying out the windows since there are no visible passengers.

    I've heard that down-sizing existing textures is generally not good, so will wait and see if anything comes up that's painted in a lower resolution.

    Many thanks...
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