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    Default Glacier Bay Blurry

    Got the amazing Alaska Glacier Bay scenery with Juneau (PAJN) and other Bay airports addon's. Must say that the scenery is AMAZING and very detailed with the mountains, lakes and glaciers in amazing details.
    But for some reason, when I fly South East of Juneau the scenery gets blurry (see picture). Surprisingly, when approaching the dense town and Juneau airport through the valley to runway 26, the scenery clears up and looks great again.
    Any idea what could cause the blurriness in one area, not even close to the dense airport?
    Thanks for any clue,
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Maybe a scenery file is conflicting somewhere. BGL thingy. Or a texture.
    Can you remember what you installed last before this?

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    It is almost certainly a texture clash, so look at scenery object textures that you already had before you installed the new Glacier Bay scenery. Could be just one 32 bit texture that all the new DXT1 textures don't like. You can recognise it as it will show as a texture picture and not as an icon when you make the icons large. It could also be a non-mipped texture as having both mipped and non-mipped in sight causes this. Could be a non-mipped scenery texture 20 miles away.

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    Hi Roger,
    and firstly MANY THANKS for number of you excellent sceneries! Much appreciated!
    On blurriness, great I can ID the 32bit textures - will give it a shot, got many sceneries in the vicinity of Juneau.
    Could you please also let me know how to ID the non-mipped textures in sceneries?
    Finally, got DxtFixerX v2.2 - neumanix 2014, is this a reliable program to detect texture faults, would that also detect 32bits or non-mipped ones or is that a different detection?
    Many Thanks again,

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    Sorry not to reply before. I use a programme that I think came with SBuilder. Or maybe not? Anyway, it is called "Imagetool.exe". You load textures into it (5 or 10 at a time, not one by one) and it shows you the texture and the format, whether it is 32 bit, 8 bit, DXT1, DXT3 etc. You can then transform a 32 bit texture to a DXT1 etc and save it with the same name but a new format. You can also see if there are mips or not, and if not you can "create mips" and save it, etc.
    Sorry, but although I have DxtFixer I have never used it as I use Imagetool. It probably is fine, like the other programmes produced by the same folk.

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    Hi Peter,

    You may have already tried this but I will still suggest it –
    When odd “glitch” problems like this develop try and disable all third party installed sceneries to see if the problem disappears. If the problem goes away you can slowly add back the sceneries a little at time until the problem comes bask, this will help isolating the problem. If the problem remains it is probity not in the add-on sceneries, you can then look in another place.

    To temporarily disable all add-on scenery:
    FS9 --> Settings --> Scenery Library
    Uncheck all red checks in front of add-on scenery then reboot FS9.
    Add them back slowly if needed to isolate then reboot FS9.

    This is a desperation suggestion, good luck

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    Thanks Jay,
    Good points but I got over 800 add-on sceneries and it would be quite a job to proceed as you suggested. In the meantime I will try to pinpoint the iffy textures as Roger suggested below. The blurr seems to be only in one area, so give it a go after New Years.

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