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Thread: Strange FSX Loading Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColR1948 View Post
    Another thing to look at and I'm not knocking the good advice you have already had, I had something a bit similar and I read on another thread something I never thought about.

    Are any of your fans clogged up with dust, I was surprised when I opened my case, I gave them all a good blast with a blower, one fan was very bad, since then I give them a blast more frequent now.
    Again just a thought and worth a look.

    Hi Col:
    Interesting. Do you mean that the condition of the fans affected FSX and cleaning them fixed it? Actually, I am due for a cleaning of the cases.

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    Hi Rick, It can only help, it may not fix it but it won't harm if you do blast the fans, but make sure you have the PC turned off when you do.
    Don't blast the fans if they are turning if you get what I mean, my graphics card has a bog fan and I'm sure cleaning that helps as well.


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    When you use canned air, it's a good idea to use a small wooden stick, like a chopstick from a chinese restaurant, to keep the blades from being turned by the flow of air. Especially since it's a good thing to flow the air from the can opposite to the fan's normal airflow.
    You can also use an air compressor with a pressure regulator set to 10 PSI or less. Something like that. Works great, since it has a higher volume of flow available, and won't run out nearly as quickly as a can will. Not a higher pressure, mind you, but a higher volume.
    Clean the whole case, too, not just the fans, and focus on the power supply, and heatsink fins. I use a small, commercially available paintbrush, like for painting trim, to break dust etc loose. That way the air you use is more effective.
    Always, ALWAYS keep yourself grounded to the computer's case, whether with an ESD wrist strap, which are cheap and readily available, or simply by keeping some piece of your flesh, a wrist, finger, whatever, touching the metal. Flowing air can create a large static charge, and they can eat PC parts without any physical indications at all. Be cautious. I've seen a fellow e-tech forget to use ESD precautions, open a brand new set of memory sticks for his computer without using precautions. When he installed them and ran it up, not a one was functional. He had static-ed all of them. Just didn't think for a minute, and that was all it took. Now he has a bunch of small paper-weights.

    Good luck!

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