Hi all,

I have been running my completed cockpit setup for a while now and I am only just getting around to sorting out an issue I have with my external view.

I have a forward view only spread over 2 x 24inch monitors via the Nvidia control panel to do the stretching and central bezel split. For this view in FSX i use a standard 2d cockpit view without the intruments showing. Also i have set it up so that i can pan the view smoothly using a hat switch.

The problem I have is an odd one. When i pan past approx 45 degrees my autopilot de-activates (Carenado Phenom 300). Whilst I suspect that few, if any, others have this problem I would be interested to hear how others have set up their external view in FSX so that I can try other options which may cure my problem.

Thanks for looking

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