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Thread: PC upgrade for FSX

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    Default PC upgrade for FSX

    I originally built my FSX pc from an old HP desktop which caused all sorts of problems, not least improving the power unit with the HP motherboard. Having succeeded I now want to up my CPU. If I change the motherboard and CPU, and add my old GPU , power unit etc.

    ..... can I then replace my old c drive (windows 7 os) and d drive (FSX and addons) to the set up and have the old scenery, PMDG 737 (most important!) working as before except from a better core?

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    Along with Windows, you'll have to reinstall as those are add-ons.

    But I did a transfer myself with one PC to another PC with the same Windows OS using sysprep.

    If your copy of Windows is OEM from HP, you might not be able to do this as outlined in the tutorial.
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