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Thread: Military Air Works Packages

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    Default Military Air Works Packages

    Hey Guy's.
    I've downloaded a few Military Air Works packages, the following is what comes with the packages.

    1.Aircraft_MAIW_AMC West C-5.txt
    2.Airports_MAIW_AMC West C-5.txt
    3.Flightplans_MAIW_AMC West C-5.txt

    Notice none of the packages come with a Flightplan bgl file.

    Tried using AIFP to no avail.

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    The files aircraft, airports, and flightplans are all part and parcel of the main flight plan file that is created into a BGL. I'm sure AIFP should do that for you. Once the flightplans are compiled into a single BGL, it is placed in the word scenery folder.
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    Look here, also if they don't show they may be for FS9 and any FS9 flight plans need to be converted to FSX, FS9 plans will knock out any FSX plans you have installed, sorry if you already know that but just in case lol.

    Name:  c5 plans.jpg
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    This folder has the ai plans to insert in to the Wold\Scenery folder:
    Name:  c5 ai plans.jpg
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    To install an MAIW package.

    First, create an empty dummy folder (in my case F:\Aircraft Install).
    Run the MAIW Installer and point it to yr newly created folder.
    Upon completion, the installer created an FS9-lookalike subfolder structure (outlined in green).

    The BLUE entries should be copy/pasted into yr FSX install, but with the following restrictions:

    - the contents of the Aircraft folder go to <FSX>\Simobjects\Airplanes (in this case it's one folder, for other packages there could be more)
    - the BGL in Scenery\World\Scenery goes to the same location in FSX, but needs to be converted to FSX format (for the known reasons, which I won't re-explain here)

    The YELLOW entry should be handled with care, some know-how is needed.
    Some of the files are waypoints, and are required.
    Some of the files are auxiliary for the red entry, and should be omitted.
    In this case I'd only transfer the 3 files ending on RND.bgl (didn't test).

    The RED entry should be handled with EXTREME CARE. It's an FS9 AFCAD. Could work in FSX, could not.
    Enough info on how to get MAIW scenery working in FSX can be found on the wwweb.
    Or find/download/install an already updated FSX AFCAD (for KSKF in this case).

    You can compile and recompile the source txt files as much and as long as you like, without installing the supplied aircraft you'll see nothing. And in most cases an updated AFCAD is also needed.

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    All i can say is...THANK YOU!
    Did exactly what you said in the instructions above and now, my C-5's are showing at the Military air bases.

    I have flight deck5 and love to fly military aircraft, especially Navy types which i am a Veteran of. Flying into empty military airports was getting boring so, I'm glad you helped me get some military aircraft at these airports.

    Now i have one last question for you.
    Is their a free voice edit program for the voice files, that come along with the package?
    I'd love to use the voice files but, the program that MAIW mentions is payware.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    The older versions of EditVoicePack are still free and will do the job.
    You need version 4.0

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    Thanks again for all your help, my Military airports are now full of Military aircraft.
    Now as far as the editvoicepack, downloaded the program and opened it however, every time i click the update button, the program automatically stops working and closes.

    Below are the callsigns that came with the MAIW packages.

    Name:  Callsigns.JPG
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    Unhappy Voicedit program for use with MAIW Aircraft

    Hey there!
    The program shuts down when i try and open it, i have also done the following to no avail.
    VoicePack must write to C:Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound\ATC.

    Nothing seems to work opening this program.

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    Where is your FSX located?

    If you've actually installed FSX in C:\Program Files (x86)\... (the default location) then it might be necessary to either run EVPX "As Administrator" or to temporarily disable Windows UAC (updating the Voicepack isn't something you'd be doing every day IMO).

    I cannot test this myself, as my FSX is located somewhere else.

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    If you possibly can, you should seriously consider uninstalling FSX and then reinstall it in a different location, such as C:\FSX, or (preferably) on a different drive.

    Access problems, such as the one you describe, will go away then.


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