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Thread: Returning to Flight Sim after 6 year hiatus

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    Default Returning to Flight Sim after 6 year hiatus

    Hi Fellow Flight Sim:

    As the title indicates, my passion for Flight Sim has return after 6 year break. I was involved with FS2004 and FSX for some years. I am very excited to get into it again especially with the MS2020 coming next year.. It is great to have X-plane 11 and Prepar3D available and look forward to using both to get my skills back.

    The technology has greatly made leaps in computers since I left and trying to catch up with the latest techs is challenging but very interesting. I have a computer on the way, but still not decided on a monitor. Thus, my questions on any recommendation on monitors. Would wide screen be good for FS? Size of monitor? 34 in too big? 144 hz good for FS? On a question on keyboard, does FS need a gaming keyboard? I do not think so, but wanted to make sure? I do plan to have a yoke, rudder and throttle quadrant so the use of keyboard will be limited.

    Appreciate any recommendations you have. Thank in advance


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    People have different preferences, all I can tell you is that I use a 3440x1440, 34", 21:9 curved Monitor and I love it (not cheap!). The only thing to consider is that the very high width to height ratio limits the vertical view somewhat in wideview, but it has not bothered me much. I have seven flight sims on my computer and I have never felt a need for a gaming keyboard. Most modern flight sticks have numerous programmable buttons (my Thustmaster T 16000M has 16 such buttons), but a yoke would probably be more limited in that respect. Anyway - have fun!

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    Like johnost said, it depends on preference. I have a Logitech yoke and throttle quadrant for control and rarely ever touch my keyboard. I've been using a 3 monitor set up for my cockpit view. But I've been thinking of downgrading(?) to a single 34" widescreen (2560x1080) because of the hit my graphics take in order to drive all those monitors. And that's even with a pretty robust graphics card.
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    Are you aware of the new Honeycomb products coming on line they get very good reviews and are still in the affordable class. I saw a recent video of Austin Meyer (XP boss) and he gave the yoke his seal of approval.
    Boy is he enthusiastic

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