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Thread: Two fuselage textures question.

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    Default Two fuselage textures question.

    I downloaded a concept VEB Baade 152, I decided to paint it, the problem I found was it has two textures for the main body fuselage.
    So if I paint one the other has to be the exact match, slightly different and once in the sim it flickers when in spot view.
    It's like one texture wants to display and so does the other, so obviously the slight difference cause this flicker.

    I tried to copy and paste one over the other, I got it as close as I could but it's still a fraction out so again it flickers but not as bad.
    I tried to just use one and disregard the other but then got a black texture, then I tried it other other way round and disregard the other one, then I got it stable but black wings because they are on the texture I disregarded.

    Has anybody else had a problem like this or can you suggest something I haven't tried, I could just delete it but once I got started I feel I want to master it.

    My paint in the screenshot section by the way.


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    Do you mean it has the left & right sides of the fuselage on seperate textures & they are both identical? if so then make a copy of the one you have painted & then rename it the same as the other texture you need. Also this is why using a graphics editor that uses of layers makes painting aircraft so much easier, GIMP is a very good freeware graphics editor.

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    Hi Paul, no it has two full body textures.
    On one it has the fuselage left and right and on the other the same, I left a link for the download, if you do download it you will see what I mean.

    Also I did try renaming earlier I should have said, but it made no difference.
    This is the paint I have done, it's fictional I know lol.


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	VEB Baade 152 Climb.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	VEB Baade 152 paint.jpg 
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    I have downloaded & have had a look, fuselage_1.bmp is the diffuse texture & fuselage_clear.bmp is the specular texture which controls the shine levels of the paint, glass & any metal parts. So you have tried coping the fuselage section from the fuselage_1.bmp onto the fuselage_clear.bmp, try doing it again making sure it lines up perfectly & also attached the alpha channel to the fuselage_clear.bmp.

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    Hi Paul, thanks for having a look and relying, I appreciate it.

    Yes I did that as I said above, I tried both ways just in case, but lining up has to be perfect or I get the flicker, I got it as near as I could and it was better but still a tiny bit out so still get the flicker but not as bad but still there.
    It's lining it up perfect seems to be the trick and the problem lol.

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    Not sure what this developer is trying to accomplish here, however I think the answer to your issue lies in the Alpha channel of fuselage_clear.bmp.

    I would verify that you are using the Alpha channel that came with the package first, then you might try tweaking it to fix your flickering.

    Any part of fuselage_clear.bmp that you do not want showing, paint the Alpha channel pure black, 0,0,0.

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    Hi Bean, I blanked over the fuselage one and left the clear one and the texture was fine, no flickering but... The wings were all black.
    In the other textures supplied with the aircraft they have the two and the paint scheme on both is the exact match so I just did the same but as I said earlier if it's slightly different I get the flickering.

    I've not even looked at today I got busy on something else but I will keep having a look.


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    Well after numerous tries at different things I tried it with the textures that came with it, lo and behold they flicker too.
    In one way I felt better because then I thought the original painter also had this problem and it wasn't just me.

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