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Thread: Joystick Hat stopped working in P3d V4

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    I wholeheartedly agree with Jorgen and Vic, they are only trying to help you, Jorgen is a top notch troubleshooter. The problem is in the controller settings assignment for Hat View Pan or you have a conflicting program that changed the Hat Pan assignment in P3Dv4.

    (Please consider the following)

    I do have a recommendation of my own. You seem to be looking in the Axis tab of your P3D controller settings, this is the wrong area if you want to check the settings for your Hat Switch Views. What you should be checking is the "Buttons & Keys" tab in the controller settings, this should be the same for P3D & FSX.
    Select Category "Views" then scroll down until you come to "View (Pan)" make sure there is a "Hat Switch" in the Joystick column, and the "Slider is full right" in the Repeat column.

    Maybe even a picture of this before reassigning and after reassignment, to confirm the "Hat Pan" now works in P3Dv4 the same as your other sims.

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    Default Thanks for the help.

    vgbaron and jethron,

    I would like to thank you for your input into the hat problem. Your responses were well thought out, addressed the existing problem and well articulated. They were positive responses with actual suggestions for correction and gave me a starting point and direction to solve the issue.

    Thanks again for your help.
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