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Thread: xml vs. aircraft.cfg line

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    Default xml vs. aircraft.cfg line

    the list of "K" events is very limited in my opinion so Im wondering, if there is a way to edit a line in "aircraft.cfg" using xml at certain flight conditions.
    any thoughts/ideas on that?

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    I'm not sure about XML and gauge code, but I'm pretty sure the aircraft.cfg can't parse XML.

    Oh wait, you want to create a gauge that edits the aircraft.cfg file in flight. That I don't know. It may not be possible since I'm sure the game reads it just once, or it could be done and the game is forced to read it on a change.

    I know that with Active Sky 2016 and Active Sky Cloud Art, it injects clouds on the go so it seems like the Sim can use refreshed stuff on the fly. Though that's just weather.
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    What events & conditions are you talking about?

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    Im talking helicopters, specialy "collective_on_rotor_torque_scalar" and "inflow_vel_reference" which I want to slightly adjust at certain "A" situations...

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