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    Looking for something a little different this summer? Elite Air Taxi might be what you are looking for.

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    Elite simulates a Part 135 on-demand business jet and air taxi company flying everything from propeller-driven pistons to business jets. Our virtual clientele drives our operations to smaller out of the way airports exploring unique scenery with challenging approaches. We have a number of different ways of finding flights including real-world executive jet flights, constantly generated contracts, random jobs, tours, and if members still cannot find the route that they are looking for then they can create their own routes.

    Since our crews operate in the high-profile executive and limited oversight air taxi operations, we do have entrance requirements. New members must pass an open book written and complete an entrance flight demonstrating their abilities to operate twin-engine aircraft. Access to larger airplanes is through seniority which must be earned through flying with Elite. Our company is driven by an Operations Specification which is a document that the FAA provides to a real-world company telling the company what they can and cannot do. We have a Flight Standard Operating Procedures (FSOP) and abide by FAR Part 135. Although there are rules, we consider ourselves a moderate VA. Not quite a fly anything at anytime style but not too regimented.

    Flight tracking is through SmartCARs which is provided by Elite. This allows you to fly your simulator of choice (FSX, P3D, or Xplane.) We have forums and a Discord server.

    Give us a visit at

    General Manager Elite VA
    FAA certificated CFI, CFII, MEI
    AOPA Member 01255846
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