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Thread: Anybody Else Know What Has Happened to ????

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    Exclamation Anybody Else Know What Has Happened to ????

    My profuse apologies for not knowing in which correct forum area I should have asked this question, but for those of us simmers who shop around on several sites for good payware deals at different parts of the year, I have long been a customer of several, including this very site. has also been good to me over the years. As of this past December, however, that site apparently went over the horizon, as their site now will allow NO access nor follow-up communication (listing a bad site certificate), ironically enough, just after I purchased new software from them two weeks ago, software that will NOT operate on my FSX Acceleration system, even after multiple troubleshooting attempts. I have receipts and whatnot for the purchase (and they have my money), and I even have an open (auto contact) work-order awaiting resolution, as well as I'm waiting on a backup Disk to arrive for same that has not yet arrived (from Utah to South Dakota) in over two weeks. I fear the site has been hacked somehow, thus intercepting and sidelining normal business for the purposes of stealing payer's account data. Or, perhaps the owner/operator of the site is incapacitated in some way and may not be able to respond. I have NEVER experienced such a thing from them before, and I have been a loyal customer of theirs for years without so much as a microscopic glitch of any kind before this. I want either resolution of my incompatible software issue, or I want a refund. Simple as that. Any assistance my more adroit forum users may be able to provide on this issue would be very keenly appreciated.

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    I just checked and the FSPilotShop web site seems to be operating normally.

    That said, please note that they are NOT associated with FlightSim.Com any more. We were affiliated with them in the past but that is no longer true. If you wish to use the store that supports the operation of FlightSim.Com then please support our own store, found at:

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    Same thing here...Says bad certificate.You can bypass that but it won't complete any download..Says bad certificate....Dennis

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    Just checked from UK, the certificate shows as valid and good

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    Looks like they paid there bill a few days ago...Dennis

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    Default was up last week but, this week, all I get is error message stating the server has timed out. This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

    I've been a customer since 2010 and have spent $$$ in hardware and software with them.

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    I can't seem to get to the URL. Keep getting errors. This really sucks as I've purchased a bit of things through them


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    Possible server issues they are working on. Was down back in 2006 as well.

    They also have a ton of CVEs they need to patch.
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    The overall issue from the information I've gained is, A. The developers are sending payments late and some aren't sending any . B. I can tell you that if they don't make their payment for their web domain they are going to lose it, it's online with the coding and that statement "of you are interested in domain contact the domain owner which isn't at this point isn't only FS PILOTSHOP meaning simply that due to lack of funds the site has been taken offline , and unless the bill is paid the site will be lost. I've dealt with the PILOTSHOP since 2007. We've all had our points of contention, and misunderstandings. When I ran into issues that weren't resolved I spoke with a Manager in one state, and the owner in another and all issues were resolved. Other than pet peeves I still consider them one of the best sites, and carry a great product line. I don't agree with a few of their ideals, like charging for CDs and downloads for backup a year and after but hey, this is the new millennium and rules change all of the time. Monies tight everywhere.

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