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Thread: Windows 10 icons all over the place.

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    Default Windows 10 icons all over the place.

    I was on my PC and went to do something else, on returning after about 2 hours the icons were scattered about all over the screen plus the task bar was on the side not the bottom.
    I sorted it all out and did a virus and malware scan but nothing found, I wondered what had caused it to happen, any ideas?

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    Hi Col,

    I have noticed this happen occasionally (but very rarely) when usually a badly constructed/configured 3rd party piece of software (i.e. not the OS) has automatically updated in the background and caused the screen to refresh.

    A tool I use to help restore the desktop icons to their original state is Icon Shepard - see HERE for info. You can use it to find out when the icons were scrambled (indicated by the example in the second image on the webpage) and then use this to look in the Windows Event logs to try and ID the misbehaving software....


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    Again Bri you come with an answer, cheers my mate.


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