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Thread: Bell News Chopper Coverage for GT B Class at Le Mans 4 FSX

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    Default Bell News Chopper Coverage for GT B Class at Le Mans 4 FSX

    This is an in flight video of an FSX Bell heliocopter. It also demonstrates one of the many ways that you can participate in the simulation of an event at Le Mans 4 FSX such as at a GT Class B event with top speeds at upto or about 220+ mph in the fastest in its class of cars.

    For this video, in addition to flying the virtual world of Le Mans 4 FSX, be prepared to race this Bell with a total of 20 GT B Class series cars down the Mulsane Straight directly below it.

    Just on the ground, there are also many challenges offered when racing at Le Mans 4 FSX. Using either FS Recorder, or in Multi-Player, or just in Solo practice, Le Mans 4 FSX as a virtual world for racing cars is very hands on.

    One challenge which can really test ones skills is in racing a slower car at the back of the pack at start up; and through exploiting opportunities, to be able to over take and pass faster cars, and then, with best efforts and skill, to hold the lead -

    This video also represents a performance test for the simulator itself. Included are the 20 GT B Class cars where each is driven to win; and then there are three Curtis Jennys, and also a bunch of track tow vehicles that are also doing their experience. That is in addition to automotive AI that the Bell Chopper must also share bandwidth with.

    There are actually a few classes that race at Le Mans 4 FSX where the GT B Class with its 20+ cars is one of them.

    Included also are the LMP Series, GT A Class, GT C Class , Classic Hyper Cars and Vintage Formulas

    Further detail on these car classes can be found at :

    This video is an archive of the Twitch Live Stream ( ) in FSX Simulation of a typical Le Mans lap that covers the Circuit de La Sarthe, but in this case its in the Virtual World of Le Mans 4 FSX.

    Please know that this is not a racing game. Racing Games are not Virtual Worlds, and Virtual Worlds are not Racing Games. But Le Mans 4 FSX, being a virtual world, you can make almost any kind of racing game out of it that you design or join in on in multiplayer. In the case of this video you are talking FS Recorder tracks that you can get for the GT B Class Races. That is besides the freeware cars themselves -

    Please Enjoy the best from while please noting the following:

    A- Le Mans 4 FSX is not designed, built, nor compatible with common racing games like "The Need for Speed SE, Race Driver Grid, Drive Unlimited, Grid Autosport, Driveclub, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, The Crew Wild Run, Forza Horizon, World of Speed, F1 2017, nor Gran Turismo Sport"

    B- there is no need for an expensive simulator, nor some game box. Le Mans 4 FSX runs as a virtual world simulation that takes place actually on your computer using of all things Microsoft Flight Simulator X that you might already have installed!

    C- There are no AI or Robo Cars - Each car, instead, is recorded as a FS Recorder track, that is individually driven to win.

    D- Each of the 20 Cars are uniquely distinguishable and drive-able - they are not background scenery -

    E- Bells and whistles like vehicle animation will come soon now that the engineering is done -

    Fm: Live Stream -

    Song: Victory

    Artist: Two Steps From Hell | Thomas Bergersen |
    Album Unleashed
    Licensed by Two Steps Network; Epic Elite (Music Publishing), and 3 Music Rights Societies
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