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Boeing 787-9 updated to 1.02 created by Magknight

The Boeing 787 however is a very different aircraft with a different philosophy. Simple things like selecting a radio is normally turning a knob and swapping frequencies, however now is a keypad with a screen in which you can select different options. Other changes include the FMC where in many traditional aircraft it is a separate unit with its own buttons and screen, now it is part of a multifunctional display that can be navigated with a pointer.

Version 1.02 changes
– Groundspeed, TAS and wind vector corrected in the ND.
– Transponder Ident now available. Transponder digits can now be changed up and
– Airspeed in PFD now hides at mach speeds instead of showing '0'.
– Flaps maneuverability issue solved. The aircraft now follows easily the glideslope and
acts quickly at lower speeds.
– Artificial stability now corrected at lower speeds. (Better handling)
– Tail light now available. Tail will light up with the logo button in the cockpit. There is
now no necessity of a special night texture for each livery. The external night texture is
the same for all.
– Yoke hides now pressing 'Y' on the keyboard. (Only XP11)
– Vertical speed display now hides in VNAV.
– A checklist is now available.
– Cockpit windows have been modified to better dimentions.
– Pitot tubes are now bigger.
– Minor texture and light correction in the tail lights.
– Speedbrake now arms and deploys at landing.
– Normal map has been updated.
– Engines nacelles shape corrected and intake reflections removed.

Additional livery packs:

American Airlines

British Airways

Japan Airlines

LAN Airlines

United Airlines

Air China livery add to the package United livery gold cheatline corrected. (Didn't match in the nose)

Boeing 787-9 files included X-PLANE 11 and X-Plane 10 addons.