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Thread: Anyone still using FS2002???

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    Default Anyone still using FS2002???

    The title says it all, anyone still running this dinosaur? Just wondering if i'm not alone.

    Sent via 2 tin cans & a string (My pc)

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    Yep. FS2002 still gives me what I want from a flight sim and works really well on a modern desktop and OS.

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    Ii live on venus where we cook eggs on our heads.


    Glad to see someone still using it. I'm thinking about upgrading to FSX and getting a new pc, my eyes are at their knees. Just wondering, what hardware are you using? (Joysticks, yokes, etc...) I have a cyborg 3d gold joystick, saitek x52 throttle, and a ch products yoke. the yoke is sorta a funny story... It's from a thrift store for $14

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    Yokes can be a funny thing. For the folks who like them, I understand why. They're great if you have a dedicated "station" in a game room and you're only flying one type of aircraft. Otherwise, yokes can get in the way in a hurry if you use your PC for multiple tasks. If you have your PC set up in a common living area of your house or apt, yokes can provoke a "Oh jeez, one of those guys.." look from a guest or else they emit a "Go ahead, play with me and try to break me" pheromone that some visitors just can not resist.

    I've been using a Logitech 3D Pro stick-and-throttle for quite a while. Its sturdy and it does the job without getting in the way. When I'm not running FS, its easy to move it out of the way.

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    Ii live on venus where we cook eggs on our heads.


    "using a Logitech 3D Pro stick-and-throttle for quite a while..." Nice, I've felt one of those before. But it feels a bit too, eh... stiff for me. I like my cyborg 3d gold because of the way the spring feels, like if you pull it to a certain degree, it's light spring makes it easy to stay in that position. Same with my Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2, I can't see any springs, but it has (had?) an easy "pull-and-stay" thingy to it. What happened with it is it fell (okay, fine, I dropped it...) on carpet and the old, brittle plastic broke on the "neck" (near the base). rip.
    and the yoke... yeah, it's hard to "hide" it from possible damage. I usually keep it back in a closet or a storage room to avoid it being broke like the sidewinder.

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    Hi AwesomeCobra,

    I'm still running 2002 on a refurbished Dell XP machine hooked up to the TV downstairs.
    If you want some real nostalgia pick up a copy of Flight Unlimited 3 and add some 3rd party aircraft. This sim features ai planes that rev up on the end of the runway and vertical air movements over high terrain. I have successfully soared a Cessna on the side of Mt Rainier with the engine off.
    Real shame Looking Glass didn't keep developing their sim.

    I'v also got a working Oric Atmos with original twin disc drive from the mid 1980's. The flight sim on that is appalling though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAwesomeCobra View Post
    The title says it all, anyone still running this dinosaur? Just wondering if i'm not alone.

    Sent via 2 tin cans & a string (My pc)
    I like the display modes better on 2002- switching between them. maybe i'm just more used to it. Plus, i've modified quite a few planes and panels to work around the stuff i did not like.

    I have fsx and will probably modify it like 2002- but it will be a few years.

    2002 is great for real flight prep- i can do the planned flight- even to an airport i have not flown to before- and grab some screenshots of the planned approach and pattern- they are not accurate visually of course- but as a rough graphic guide- it is amazingly close. this adds a level to real flight planning- even though one has to be careful not to rely on it for anything that could affect safety of flight.

    As to the lower graphics realism in 2002- I often fall back on good old Albert Einstein's 'imagination is more important than knowledge': "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." -Albert Einstein <possibly paraphrased>

    Since the simulator, no matter which one we use- how good the graphics- is still a relatively poor substitute for real flight- imagination will always be a very important part of flight simulation, and all the better for it: imagination helps you learn and adds needed youthfulness to the brain.


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    I'll repeat something I've said about FS2002 in the past.

    In terms of graphics and the over-all "look", I'll stack FS2002 over FS9 and FSX on any day when it comes to flying from pre-dawn to morning or dusk to dark at night. FS2002 just "looks right" when the sun is coming up or going down. Its an odd thing, you can't even show it in most screen shots but FS2002 just handles these times of day the best.

    It also doesn't hurt if you're running a fairly modern CPU/GPU combo and you max out ALL of the display options and sliders and still wind up with a rock-solid sim running at 60FPS+.

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    I know, right?

    "If only I had this computer 15 years ago.. "

    Your screen shot look great. I haven't tackled those jaggy screen shots yet.
    I spent last night getting some voice packs installed and working on ATC and traffic issues.
    Its not that tough once you find the power of ADMIN in Win 10.

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    Dang, one thing I keep forgetting is that I did cheat a little and install some early FS9 mod. textures for things like the Sun, Moon, stars, and water.

    Getting it right took a little time but the results were spectacular.

    Just check the FS9 Misc. section. One thing I used was the more-yellow sun texture.
    Its been years since I found the combo I wanted, if anyone's interested I could look up the download file names (pretty sure this was all from the same author except for the star data).

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