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Thread: When you realize you have the space you wish you had.

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    Default When you realize you have the space you wish you had.

    I've long wanted my own cockpit since I was a kid playing Falcon 4.0 and lately I've been spending some time planning out a design I would want to build, but then I hit a problem, space. I just got out the measuring tape and checked and I have an unfinished area that is just used for storage which measures 13' by 12'. which is just big enough to fit my two seat idea and give about two feet all the way around for a curved screen projection system. It is so on.

    I'm still researching software and working out my design ideas, but I was looking for a place to be able to discuss the cockpit ideas with others. Anyone had any experience with 3D printing control panels or other parts? Anyone offer advice on the Leo Bodnar control boards? Is there one thing you wish you knew before starting on your build?

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    Hi , I am about half way through building my pit based on the Phenom 300. I am using the Leo Bodnar boards and find them easy to use and setup. I have been using aluminium for the panel modules onto which I have stuck a printed then laminated picture of the lettering etc. The end result is quite pleasing but probably wouldn't suit other aircraft types so well. The best advice I can give is to be patient and enjoy the building process. The trickiest part for me has been the programming of the switches etc to work in fsx for my particular aircraft , which has many custom controls that are not modelled in standard fsx. All in all great fun though and although I am looking forward to finishing it I am enjoying the build. There's loads of great advice on the forums so never be afraid to ask.


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