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Thread: FSX-SE & FSX multiplayer. Is it possible?

  1. Default FSX-SE & FSX multiplayer. Is it possible?

    Hi. Is it at all possible to fly multiplayer one on SE and one on non-SE?

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    FSCloud uses a client software they created that can make many sims connect to them. Including FSX and FSX-SE. See list here:

    So flying together on an existing server is possible. There could well be more servers with that option.

    Maybe you meant setting up your own private session. In that case I'm have no idea how to do that.

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    Yea. I was hoping to set up a private session on LAN. So far it doesn't seem possible

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    Try FSHost from

    Maybe it will work with FSX:SE

    We use this at our local club on our LAN, with a combination of FS2004 & FSX, which work together very well, so, FSX:SE & FSX should work together. (maybe, but worth a try!)

    Best of luck,

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    I don't use it myself but from what I understand it lets FSX:SE, FSX, X-Plane, and P3D pilots all fly together. The big limitation is that formation flight really doesn't work well and neither do aerobatics. Apparently the way it places multiplayer planes is subject to issues with planes either changing direction rapidly or with fine movement/positioning. The regular FSX:SE multiplayer through the Steam server also has issues with really rapid relative movements but it's better in that respect than the other hosts.

    Lots use FSHost for group excursions and it seems to work very well for that.

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    Hi Bart,
    Looks like you're having fun here. Good!
    Just wanted to say Welcome to the forum.
    Happy Flights,

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